Leadership Development

We live in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Organizations addressing society's greatest challenges must be able to adapt to changing circumstances if they want to survive and thrive. Yet, adapting to change can be a huge challenge. It usually involves abandoning ways of working that may have once served an important purpose, but are now a liability.

We view leadership as the activity of helping organizations confront difficult challenges that they have been struggling to face and increasing the likelihood that people learn, participate in potential solutions, and make the adjustments necessary to achieve progress (i.e. adapt).

The practice of adaptive leadership is also about enhancing our awareness of other perspectives and recognizing that we operate in the context of a larger system of people who each bring a unique viewpoint based on their experiences, values, family, culture, and beliefs. The adaptive framework provides a set of tools to help us better understand that system and how we can catalyze change within it, without getting sidelined in the process.

Our leadership practice is inspired by the adaptive framework developed by our former teachers Ronald Heifetz, Dean Williams, Hugh O'Doherty and colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School. The framework is now being advanced by a growing network of practitioners and educators around the world.

Over the past several years, our team has drawn upon adaptive leadership concepts to help nonprofit and philanthropic organizations face difficult adaptive challenges. In partnership with the B. Robert Williamson Jr. Foundation, 11plus has developed and facilitated an adaptive leadership program for nonprofits serving children and youth in New York City. We are currently working with faculty at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work to teach adaptive leadership in graduate and executive courses while instituting a new fellowship program for students to apply the framework during fieldwork experiences. Click here to learn more about our work at NYU.

11plus offers trainings for those who want to build on their own leadership capacities. We also help organizations apply adaptive leadership principals to address their greatest challenges. To learn more, please contact us.