Marc’s outstanding qualities include responsiveness and absolute integrity. He’s one of the most supportive persons in a leadership capacity that I have ever been around.
— Weldon Mikulik, The Journey Charitable Foundation
Angela and Marc provided me a once-in-a-lifetime philanthropic experience and the opportunity to join hands with an under-resourced part of the world I had never known.
— Darrel Schregardus, The Schregardus Family Foundation
Marc was invaluable in making our vision of providing grants to community based organizations in Southern Africa a reality. His knowledge and experience in this field is broad and impressive.
— Priscilla Macy, Global Sojourns Giving Circle
Angela and Marc helped me to realize how one person can really make an impact in some of the most impoverished places on earth. With their guidance, my engagement in global philanthropy has grown to a whole new level.
— Libby Cornett, The Dan Paul Foundation