Today’s global challenges are complex and immense. Solving them requires that people work across boundaries and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to achieve progress at the scale that our world so desperately needs. Over three decades of working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, we’ve been privileged to support philanthropists and change agents who are achieving success in improving and saving lives worldwide. We’ve also come to realize that supporting the work of specific individuals or groups, in specific places, is simply not enough. The realities we face are too serious, and the timeframe too short. Massive collaborative effort is required to confront the urgent needs of our communities, and the global crises of climate change or poverty. Solving today’s challenges means bringing out the best in what the world has to offer to collaboratively reduce suffering at scale.

The 11plus team brings extensive experience facilitating collaboration within and between social benefit organizations. In the philanthropic arena, we have brought donors into giving circles and funder collaboratives where they’ve pooled their talent and resources in pursuit of a common purpose. We’ve drawn upon our experience as facilitators, applying the adaptive leadership framework to help communities and teams build trust and improve communication. The purpose of our collaboration practice is to help people and organizations go about the work of collective problem solving, and action, to address the urgencies of our time.