The mission of 11plus is to accelerate the pace of social change work by helping philanthropic and nonprofit organizations strengthen their leadership and collaborative capacities.

Our world continues to face significant social, economic and environmental challenges that must be urgently addressed to end preventable suffering and ensure the very survival of our planet itself. We can take comfort in the increased awareness of these global challenges and the growing number of people who want to help solve them. Yet great intentions and new ideas will not be enough to do so. Changemakers can only make progress at scale if they successfully engage with others in the work of collective problem solving and action.

11plus brings both an internal and external lens to our work. We recognize that collaboration must be strengthened both within and between organizations to accelerate lasting change.

Internally, we help organizations increase their effectiveness by facilitating the development of new capacities while helping stakeholders exercise more effective leadership. As persistent facilitators, we help organizations confront the underlying dynamics that hold them back from making progress on tough adaptive challenges.

Externally, we spur collaboration and help nonprofits and foundations transcend their traditional roles as providers or grantmakers to exercise greater leadership in the communities they serve.

Our approach is highly personal and experiential in nature. We believe that effective philanthropy is rooted in connection and the building of relationships rooted in common purpose.

Why 11plus?

In her public speeches, Angela often holds up her two index fingers and exclaims “1+1 doesn’t equal 2. It equals 11!” Our name reflects the magnified philanthropic impact and power that individuals can have when they join together for good. 



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